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Gaumukh Tapovan Trek: A Spiritual and Adventurous Journey in the Himalayas


Gaumukh Tapovan trek is a popular trail in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India, and one of the most challenging yet rewarding treks in the Himalayas. The trek offers a unique blend of spirituality, adventure, and breathtaking natural beauty, making it a must-do for all trekking enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the details of the Gaumukh Tapovan trek, including its route, difficulty level, best time to visit, and other essential aspects.


Gaumukh Tapovan trek is a high-altitude trek in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India, and takes you to the source of the holy river Ganges. The trek passes through some of the most stunning landscapes in the Himalayas, including towering mountains, glistening glaciers, and lush green meadows. The trek also offers a glimpse into the local culture and lifestyle of the people living in the region.

Brief History of the Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Gaumukh Tapovan trek has a significant religious and spiritual significance for the Hindus, as it is believed that the river Ganges originated from the glacier at Gaumukh. The trek also has a mythological significance, as it is believed that Lord Shiva meditated in Tapovan, which is located at an altitude of 4,463 meters. The trek has been a popular pilgrimage route for centuries, and the locals still believe that taking a dip in the icy waters of the Ganges at Gangotri, the starting point of the trek, washes away one’s sins.

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek Route

Gaumukh Tapovan trek starts from the holy town of Gangotri and takes you to the source of the river Ganges, the Gaumukh glacier. The trek then continues to Tapovan, which is a high-altitude meadow surrounded by towering peaks. The trek covers a distance of approximately 24 kilometers each way and takes around 6-7 days to complete. The route passes through some of the most scenic landscapes in the Himalayas, including dense forests, alpine meadows, and icy glaciers.

Difficulty Level of the Trek

Gaumukh Tapovan trek is a challenging trek and requires a good level of physical fitness and endurance. The trek involves long hours of walking on steep and rocky terrain, crossing streams and rivers, and negotiating narrow and slippery paths. The trek also involves a significant altitude gain, as you reach an altitude of 4,463 meters at Tapovan. Therefore, it is recommended that you have prior trekking experience and undertake proper acclimatization before attempting the trek.

Best Time to Visit Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Best time to visit the Gaumukh Tapovan trek is during the months of May-June and September-October when the weather is pleasant, and the skies are clear. During these months, the temperature ranges from 10-20 degrees Celsius during the day and drops to 0.


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1. Accommodation. (Guest house/Camping)



1. Any kind of personal expenses.
2. Food during the transit.
3. Insurance
4. Mules or porter to carry personal luggage.
5. Anything not specifically mentioned under the head.
6. Any kind of emergency evacuation charges.

Note : Charges of offloading backpack:- INR 1800/- The backpack cannot weigh more
than 10 kgs.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations prior to 30 days from the start of the Trip

a. Get 95% refund
B. 100% cash voucher for any trip till one year

Cancellation between 30 days and 15 days to the start of the Trip

• Get 70% cash refund
• 100% cash voucher for same trip till one year
• 80% cash voucher for any trip till one year

Cancellation less than 15 days to the start of the trek

• No refund



  • Explore to Vishwanath Temple.
  • Overnight stay in hotel.
  • Explore the Gangotri Dham like Surya kund, Gangotri mesum, evaning Ganga Aarti. 
  • Overnight stay is hotel.
  • Trek starts from Gangotri, which is around 268 km from Rishikesh. You’ll reach Gangotri by road and start trekking to Bhojwasa, which is a 14 km trek. Bhojwasa is a beautiful camping site located near the river Bhagirathi.
  • Overnight stay in tents. 
  • This is the most exciting day of the trek as you’ll be trekking to the source of the river Ganga, the Gaumukh glacier. From Gaumukh, the trail continues to Tapovan, which is a 10 km trek. Tapovan is a beautiful meadow with a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks.
  • Overnight stay in tents.


  • Wake up early to witness the spectacular sunrise view of the peaks around 6,543 meters. Shivling is undoubtedly the star of the show. which immediately attracts attention as it soars dramatically into the sky. Makes its neighbors dwarf. Today we will take our steps back for Bhojbasa. A steep climb below the glacier is followed by a rocky path over the glacier. And slowly descends till Bhojbasa.
  • Overnight stay in tents.


  • After breakfast, trek to Gangotri and  Same day drive to Uttarkashi.
  • Overnight stay at hotel.
  • Morning after breakfast drive to Uttarkashi to Rishikesh / Dehradun…
  • Departure day.

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