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Great adventure Gangotri provide strong associations with budget. And good hotels across the country enables us to give our clients their best value for money. This trait of Great adventure Gangotri. Makes it the most attractive tour and travel agency for you. The team is prompt in their replies to your queries. Which has earned a reputation as one of the best and most efficient tour and travel operators. in India by the clients foreign partners.


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Saurabh Singh Rana
Saurabh Rana


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CEO GAG is an adventure based travel company. Which Was established in 2015, owned and operated by Saurabh Singh Rana. It offers trekking, skiing, hiking and mountaineering.
Saurabh Singh Rana is a certified mountaineer from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. (BMC) Basic Mountaineering Course. (AMC) Advanced Mountaineering Course. (S&R) Search & Rescue Course. and (MOI) Method Of Instructor Course. Certified (IMF) Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Having climbed several 6000 meter and 7000 meter peaks. certified, Saurabh not only has a deep passion for mountains.
Which makes him the right person to enable travelers to the Himalayas. There is also a unique team of local guides, porters and Sherpas who have the necessary expertise. Organize treks and expeditions in the area.
Adesh Rana
Adesh Rana


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Since the founding of Great Adventure Gangotri. the order also promoted Great Adventure Gangotri with its elder brother Saurabh. and has tried to follow its vision of generating employment for the local people. Over the years, he has been improving the traditional trekking. standards and introducing new standards. He is a huge fan of work with his elder brother Saurabh. Adesh Rana is a Certified Nehru Institute of Mountaineer. (BMC) Basic Mountaineering Course. (AMC) Advanced Mountaineering Course. (S&R) Search and Rescue Course. from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. is certified.
And trekking camping and adventure activities. camp has been opened in Himachal Pradesh (Kasauli).



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